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Spares List

Royal Enfield Flying Flea

Blackout Mask Miller type, complete with lens & seal. (Fits onto existing headlamp).

Blackout Mask clasp.

Saddle Front Mounting. (Changes frame from civilian to W.D type). 

Head Lamp support brackets.

Chain Guard with pump mountings. 

Front Mudguard. 

Rear Mudguard.

Long Mudguard Stays W.D type (Light weight). 

Short Mudguard Stays W.D type (Light weight) 

Bridge Stays (between front forks) 

Exhaust Front End Assembly, consists of front pipe, nut & expansion chamber W.D type. 

Exhaust Nuts (Pipe to cylinder head). 

Handle Bars W.D type.

Petrol Cap (W.D air portable type) with shut off valve - Engraved. 

Rear Carrier (Lightweight). 

Tool Box W.D type with fixings. 

Kick start, Folding W.D Type - Material SG steel iron. 

Foot Pegs (Drop down W.D type) - Material - SG steel iron. 

Foot Peg Yokes (Pair) for modifying civilian to W.D type. 

Foot Peg Bolt Assembly 5/16 bolt, nut, spring washer, x 2.  

Foot Rest Arm Assembly 

Handle Bar Tightener Assembly.

We can convert post war civilian cylinder barrels to W.D type threaded barrels. 

War time type Miller 6" headlamp shells available soon. 

Headlamp ameter aperture blanking plate. 

Air Filter WD Style (complete with clasp). 

James ML

Blackout Mask Lucas type, complete with lens & seal. (Replaces existing headlamp rim). 

Exhaust silencer. 

Exhaust expansion chamber. 

Exhaust front pipes, as original to give correct back pressure - not just a piece of pipe (non- chromed). 

Exhaust nuts (Pipe to cylinder head). 

Exhaust clamp (front pipe to expansion chamber). 

Exhaust clamp (Silencer to expansion chamber). 

Centre stand. 

Centre stand anchor plates. 

Centre stand return spring anchoring plates.

Springs for centre stand 

Front Mudguard (No stays).

Rear Mudguard (No stays). 

Long Mudguard stays. 

Short slotted mudguard stays. 

Foot rest pedals. Per pair. 

Foot rest hanger. Per pair. 

Foot rest joint. Per pair. 

Foot rest square bar. 

Foot rest spacer for square bar. 

Chain Guard. 

Petrol Cap W.D air portable type with shut off valve. 

Handle Bars. 

Handle bar tightener 

Gear lever gate. 

Gear Lever 

Gear Lever Pivot Bolt 

Gear control rod with Ball joint ends complete assembly 

Brake foot pedal

Brake rod (front) complete with adjuster assembly. 

Brake rod (Rear).

Front fork spindles 

Front fork plates 

Air Filter WD Style (complete with clasp). 

Tool Box 

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